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A professional chef prepares vegetables in a frying pan
salmon with lemons


Long time Farmer...turning the page to distrbution.

Since 2010 farmer Rick has been growing vegetables and some fruit.

What was one of the biggest issues?


That's why we are starting the Fox Valley's first Food Hub!

Our definition is “a centrally located facility with a business management structure facilitating the aggregation, storage, processing, distribution, and/or marketing of locally/regionally produced food products.” 

By actively coordinating these activities along the value chain, food hubs are providing wider access to institutional and retail markets for small to mid-sized producers, and increasing access of fresh healthy food for consumers, including underserved areas and food deserts.

While our goal is to source locally and regionally as's not always possible. For example the citrus...but we hope you support a small business like us in your area who are trying to bring wholesale items that are desired by chefs in our area.

Thanks for supporting small farms.


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