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Classic cooking methods for Brussels sprouts include roasting braising or pan frying them in butter with savory accoutrements such as garlic shallots thyme rosemary and sage. Brussels sprouts take on the accompanying flavors which gives them more depth and appeal while also bringing sweetness to the Brussels sprouts.

Slow roasting the sprouts in oil or butter is a great way to remove the sprout's natural bitterness. The smaller the sprout the more sweet and the less bitter tendencies it will have. Brussels sprouts can be added to casseroles gratins soups and they are a great addition to Winter roasted vegetable medleys. They can also be tossed into a warm winter greens salad.


Other choice culinary companions include bacon pork belly cheese cream duck fat eggs ham grapefruit olive oil cider vinegar lemon hollandaise maple mushrooms mustard nutmeg pepper pistachios and pancetta.

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