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Averaging about four inches in diameter shiitake logs are soaked in cold water to begin the growing process. In six to eight days fresh shiitake mushrooms will appear.


Use in soups stews sauces and stir-fries or simply sautéed in seasonings and fresh herbs. To store fresh mushrooms place between damp paper towels or in a paper bag; refrigerate. Do not store in plastic as mushrooms need to "breathe" to maintain their flavor and texture. To clean brush with a paper towel or a mushroom brush.


Do not soak mushrooms in water as they will absorb the water and flavor will be lost.


Nutritional Value: Shiitakes that are log-grown contain about 18 percent protein mass and are high in iron calcium phosphorus niacin vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.


As a superfood powerhouse, shiitake mushrooms can advance immunity, support cardiovascular health, and more. Shiitake is the common Japanese name for Lentinula edodes. It is derived from the mushroom associated with the shii tree.

Mushroom Shiitake .25#

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