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Navel oranges are probably the most popular oranges at the store. Even when other varieties are not available, navels are a staple.


The relatively large size and thick skin make them easy to peel.

The lack of seeds adds to their allure as a quick snack or as an addition to salads.


They are sweet, and the zest is a great stir-in to baked goods like scones, muffins, and breads.

You can distinguish these common oranges by their signature mark, a belly button-looking indention on the bottom of the fruit.


This is not the orange for a glass of fresh-squeezed juice as its sweetness fades fast. Their magic is as an ingredient. “Navels have no seeds which makes them preferred by chefs and home cooks in recipes.

They have a slightly lower acid than a Valencia, which is the best orange for juice.

Orange -Navel- Each

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